F Scott Fitzgerald & Zelda stayed at the Don CeSar January 1932

F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda stayed at the Don CeSar in January 1932.
and here is what they were enjoying for entertainment at the Don and in the newspapers. 

Following Zelda's dismissal from Prangins clinic on Lake Geneva, the couple stayed at the "Pink Palace" – so called for its elaborate, candy-coloured facade – in early 1932. The 277-room hotel, on the Gulf of Mexico's pale sands, opened in 1928 as a stylish retreat for the well-heeled. Just as the Depression had muted the previous decade's excesses, though, the Fitzgeralds' former merriment now seemed displaced by sadness; their trip ended with the re-emergence of Zelda's psychiatric symptoms.

January 1932, St Petersburg Times



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